roof installation

One Call Will Solve All of Your Roofing Problems in Bend, OR

You'll appreciate our meticulous roof installation services

There's wood rot on your rafters or damp insulation in your attic. Uh-oh-it looks like you need a new roof. Taylor Roofing, LLC will complete your roof installation as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality work. We install roofs for residential and commercial clients in the Bend, OR area.

All you have to do is make an appointment. Leave the rest to us. As part of our roof installation services, we'll...

  • Remove your old roof-this includes your curling asphalt shingles and rotten roof deck.
  • Prep the surface-we'll install new plywood decking, underlayment and roofing felt.
  • Clean up your property-you won't see a single shingle where it's not supposed to be.

We specialize in asphalt roof installations. However, we can install all kinds of roofing materials. Get started by making an appointment-call 541-420-0581 today.

A roof replacement in Bend, OR is more affordable than you think

Need to replace your roof but don't want to take a chunk out of your savings? Taylor Roofing specializes in reroofing-re-covering your roof with new shingles. This is a cost-effective roof replacement option if your roof decking is in tip-top shape.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for a roof replacement today.