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Is Your Roof Old and Leaky?

Invest in a new roof installation in Bend, Redmond oe La Pine, OR

It's your worst nightmare - you're relaxing at home when you suddenly notice a water spot on your ceiling. A damaged roof is enough to send anyone into a panic, but you don't have to stress. Taylor Roofing, LLC offers metal roof installation and repair services in Bend, Redmond & La Pine, OR.

We work with steel, copper and aluminum materials, as well as exposed fastener and standing seam metal roofing styles. Our metal roofs are energy-efficient, water-resistant and low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for any building. Talk to our residential and commercial roofing contractor today to learn more about our services.

Top signs your metal roof needs to be replaced

If you don't see water spots on your ceiling or walls, you may think your roof is still in good shape. However, there are other signs that you may need a new metal roof installation or repair. Consider calling in the pros if your metal roof is:

  • Rusted
  • Warped
  • Torn
  • Punctured

Don't wait to get the services you need. Schedule an appointment with our metal roofing contractor today.